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Lindley Theodore & Harriet Elizabeth Watson Elliott
& Children

Family history has always been very important to me and I have learned through conducting genealogical research for my clients that they also value their family legacy.  That is why I created Vintage Products.  I offer genealogical esearch for those who would enjoy knowing more about their heritage but don't have the time or knowledge to conduct the research themselves or they do not have the experience that a professional genealogist and publisher of records brings to their family search.  

My background includes creation and instruction of the "How to Dig Up Family Roots" series for a local junior college for over 10 years, lecturer at genealogical conferences in Kansas and Missouri, publisher of historic records and professional genealogical and historical research for over 15 years.    

My Research consists of (but is not limited to):

                                     All United States Research that includes but is not limited to:
                                     Courthouse records (Probate / Wills, Marriages, Land Records, Circuit Court)
                                     Internet (Footnote, Ancestry, Heritage Quest, Roots Web, Family Website, plus much more)
                                     National Archives (Census, Land, War Records, Naturalizations, Native American / American Indian)
                                     Library (County Histories, Obituaries, City Directories, published records - cemetery, marriage, etc.)
                                     LDS Research (U.S. Courthouse records, City Directories, Family Histories, Pedigrees, Ancestry Charts, etc.)
                                     Historical Society (newspapers, courthouse records, State Census, County Histories)
                                     Museum collections (Births & Deaths, family collections, newspapers, etc.)
                                     Plus often overlooked resources (Funeral Home, Sexton Records, etc.)

My specialties are:

                                    United States Research
                                    Native American Records (American Indian)
                                    Kansas City area research
                                    Wyandotte County, Kansas
                                    Bates County, Missouri
                                    Jackson County, Missouri
                                    Johnson County, Kansas

My research methods allow me to research records throughout the United States.  Travel is also available within 100 mile radius of the Kansas City area.

I also conduct Historical Research in City Directories, Land Records, County Histories and Archives Records for individuals, institutions, and businesses.  This includes property research that will show the prior businesses associated historically with the property.

For example:  this historical research helps to establish needed information for businesses who are planning to build on a certain partial of land; providing the information on former businesses located in areas businesses wish to build so as to obtain knowledge of previous possible chemical exposure.  

In addition, I have a massive personal collection of records for:
                                  Wyandotte Co., KS which includes (Cemeteries, Sexton Records, Funeral Home and Naturalization records)
                                  Jackson County, Missouri (Mount Saint Mary's Sexton Records, Westport Cumberland Presbyterian Church records)                                                                                 
                                  Bates County, Missouri (Marriage, Probate, Cemeteries, and Births and Deaths)
                                  Native American records
                                                  (See links above for more information).  

Example of records for Wyandotte County, KS....

                                Tombstone as well as some Sexton Records
                                    *Sexton records are recorded information gathered by the Cemetery Sexton to be used by the cemetery.  Often  
                                    these records may contain very valuable information.  Some of the records I have include place of burial within   
                                    the cemetery, age, place of death, residence at time of death, cause of death, funeral home, doctor's name and
                                    who signed for the burial.  These will also often show who else is buried next to them or who bought the plots
                                    which many times are the family members of the deceased.
                                   *Tombstone inscription may provide date of birth and death, date of marriage, spouse's name, parent's name,
                                    occupation, service records, and place of birth.

                                My Cemetery records included Argentine, Bethel (Odd Fellows), Brune Estates, Franklin, Griffith (Vance), Junction (old section of Maple Hill), Pleasant Ridge (Douglas/Winters), Old Quindaro, Saylor (Drake), Shawnee Township, Stony Point, Vinewood (Swedish), and White Church (Delaware Indian Burial Ground).  Sexton records for Woodlawn, Westlawn, Mount Hope, Oak Grove, & New Quindaro.  Most cemeteries are located in Kansas City, Kansas.  

Miscellaneous Wyandotte Co., KS Funeral Home records.

Wyandotte Co., KS Naturalization records include Index to Petitions for Naturalization 1867-1906, Index to Final Naturalizations 1859-1947 and Federal Naturalizations for the 1st District of Kansas - Northeast 1856-1902 (which includes Delaware, Kickapoo, and Potawatomie Naturalizations).

Examples of Bates County, Missouri research includes;

Bates County, Missouri Cemeteries, Marriages (from 1860 to 1895), Births & Deaths (from 1883 to 1886), and Index to Probates (from 1850 to 1923).

Examples of Jackson Co., MO Records research includes;

Westport Cumberland Presbyterian Church records 1856-1908 (Births, Marriages, Deaths, Migratory Patterns.  Many prominent people of that era attended the church such as Alexander Majors whose firm Russell, Majors & Waddell started the "Pony Express"), Mount Saint Mary Cemetery Sexton Records.

Native American Records Research includes such tribes as but are not limited to ...

                         Santee Sioux

                       Example of records:
                      Original Records at the National Archives for the Midwestern Region
                      Miscellaneous Indian Rolls
                           Baker 1924
                           Chapman Rolls 1852
                           Churchill 1908
                           Dawes 1898-1914
                           Drennen 1852
                           Eastern Cherokee
                           Emigration 1817-1835
                           Guion Miller 1898-1914, 1909
                           Henderson 1835
                           Hester 1883
                           Mullay 1848
                           Ohio Tribes
                           Old Settlers 1851
                           Reservation Roll 1817
                           Siler Rolls 1851
                           Swetland 1869
                   Tribes in the Central Plains
                          Santee Sioux
                          Lower Brule Sioux
                          Yankton Sioux
                          Sac nd Fox
                          Plus more....

                     See "Research Services" for more details.

My publications (genealogical / historical books for sale) include:

                            "Bates County, Missouri Births & Deaths"  1883-1886       
                            "Bates County, Missouri Cemetery Records" (Re-indexed version)
                            "Bates County, Missouri Marriages" Vol. I 1860-1877
                            "Bates County, Missouri Marriages" Vol. II 1877-1883
                            "Bates County, Missouri Marriages" Vol. III 1883-1895
                            "Index to Bates County, Missouri Probate Papers" 1850-1923
                            "Federal Naturalizations for the 1st District of Kansas" Northeast 1865-1902
                                (3000 entries which includes Pottawatomie, Deleware, and Kickapoo Indians)
                            "Westport Presbyterian Church Records" Vol. I 1856-1896
                                (Births, Marriages, Deaths, Migratory Patterns.  Many prominent people of that era attended the church
                                  such as Alexander Majors whose firm Russell, Majors & Waddell founded the "Pony Express")
                           "Westport Presbyterian Church Records" Vol. II 1896-1908
                           "Index to Wyandotte County, Kansas Petitions for Naturalizations" 1867-1906
                           "Index to Wyandotte County, Kansas Final Naturalizations"  1867-1908
                           "Wyandotte County, Kansas Cemetery Records" Vol. I (over 4500 individuals)
                               (Includes tombstone as well as some Sexton Records - Cemeteries included:  Argentine, Bethel (Odd Fellows),                                                                                                                                                                                                               Brune Estates, Franklin, Giffith (Vance), Junction (old section of Maple Hill), Pleasant Ridge (Douglas / Winters), Old Quindaro, Saylor (Drake), Shawnee Township, Stony Point, Vinewood (Swedish), and White Church (Delaware Indian Burial Ground).  Most cemeteries are located in Kansas City, KS.)
                          "Our James Crow" - Descendants of James Crow Revolutionary War Veteran - Virginia - consists of Ancestry Charts, copies of records, pictures, news articles, and other records from a very dedicated genealogist, E. Joyce Christiansen, who collected most of the information for the above named Bates Co., MO books of Births, Deaths, and Marriages books through-our her life-time.

Check out My Family Records.  You may be related.  I would love to hear from you.  Here is a list of some of my ancestors: Allen, Ashbrook, Atkinson, Baader, Baldock, Bohnenkemper, Bonekemper, Botts, Brown, Castrup, Christensen, Christinson, Clark, Cook, Cravens, Cravinz, Curry, Brake, Elliot, Elliott, Farney, Freemauer, Freemyer, Freemyer, Freemires, Freemoyer, Freymier, Geis, Geiss, Gibson, Gies, Graves, Hindman, Hopper, Hudson, Humphrey, Kast, Kotlarz, Krupa, Kusek, Matheus, Matthaub, Mattice,  Melchoir, Miller, Morgan, Northcutt, Robins, Schumacher, Shaw, Sunderman, Thompson, Tilton, Walters, Watson, and Wingett. We will be expanding by providing additional information, so check back often.  

Recent projects:

Historical Research for a Church wanting to find out more about the ethnicity of their church leaders, early history relating to their church and religious organization in order to write their church history
 Records searched were Methodist Church records, Historical Society Records, Census, Obituaries and the
 Resources utilized were an University Archives, Kansas State Historical Society, National Archives, Local Genealogical Library, and Internet

Historical Research for a writer that included tracing a notorious individual who was stated to be involved in the 1921 Oklahoma race riot
  Records searched were census, courthouse records, newspapers, and the internet
  Resources utilized Local Genealogical Libraries, Courthouse records, and the internet

Historical and genealogical research on the James brothers, the Cole Younger gang and several other notorious criminals of the late 1800's and early 1900's
  Records searched were Census, Courthouse, Historical societies, state and local libaries and federal records         

Various Native American Research for clients wanting to prove ancestry
  Records utilized were personal collection of the 5 Civilized Tribes, Native American Records for other tribes, Probate (Wills,   Guardianship and Estate Records), Land, Marriage, Census (both Federal and Indian Census records), Internet, Footnote and Local Histories   
  Resources utilized were Internet, LDS, Library, Museums, Historical Societies, Courthouses and the National Archives

Naturalization Research for an oversees client wanting to trace the movements of early diplomats from Great Britain and Japan and Naturalizations
   Records searched were Naturalizations (Federal and County), Immigration records and Internet Naturalization and Immigration records.
   Resources utilized were the National Archives, LDS Library and the Internet     


Call, e-mail, or write for more information about my research services at:

                              Vintage Products
                         9640 Walmer
                         Overland Park, KS  66212-1554

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